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Organizations I Belong To

It takes a lot to be a Storyteller nowadays. Gone are the times when a traveling bard only needed her harp, some good shoes, and a repertoire of stories. Here are some of the links and resources that have helped me. I hope you will also find them useful. If you would like to suggest additional sites, please contact me.


Spellbinders® is dedicated to restoring the art of oral storytelling to connect elders to youth, weaving together the wisdom of diverse cultures throughout time.


Spellbinders trains individuals, in the art of oral storytelling, and places these individuals as volunteer storytellers in schools. Volunteers return to the same classrooms each month throughout the school year, forming strong and caring connections with the school children.

National Storytelling Network

The National Storytelling Network brings together and supports individuals and organizations that use the power of story in all its forms.  We advocate for the preservation and growth of the art of storytelling.

Rocky Mountain Storytelling

We’re storytellers, story listeners and story lovers and we exist to create annual storytelling events that perpetuate the art of oral storytelling; educate and expose the community to storytelling; promote the history and traditions of storytelling from various social and cultural backgrounds; and provide a forum for the art, craft, and techniques of storytelling.

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